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Trust & Probate Administration
Attorney in San Francisco, California

Following the death of a loved one, grieving families often suffer added stress trying to navigate the complex legal, financial and administrative aspects of probate administration. Depending on the circumstances, the court-supervised process of probate can be lengthy and costly for heirs. If you are responsible for probate or you are an intended beneficiary, you want a responsive attorney with the expertise to guide you through this process as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

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We deliver expert administration management and guidance for individuals involved in probate matters, and we will help you:

  • Determine where to start

  • Prepare documents

  • Administer the estate

  • Handle tax issues

  • Resolve government liens

  • Manage all of the legal and technical aspects of probate administration

We also help families facing difficult decisions for incapacitated elderly or disabled loved ones that require probate court oversight. Sometimes an appointment of a conservator or guardian is necessary to protect an individual’s rights and property during their lifetime and the court process can be difficult and confusing for families. Our attorneys strive to protect the quality of life and dignity of the elderly and disabled while steering the family and supporting institutions through the legal maze with speed and compassion.