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Michael's provided answers to many of my legal questions having responded in a very clear and concise fashion I could understand. Legal issues can be complex, Michael's patient and makes sure his clients understand all pertinent issues so they can make educated decisions.

Michael is a man of high integrity who cares about his clients enough to take time above and beyond the call of duty. You can be sure you're in good hands with Michael as your attorney in his specialized area of law.


Highly Recommend Him!

Family planning and estate planning is always an awkward proposition. It brings up things no one wants to think about ("who will take care of the kids if we die?") or uncomfortable conversations ("gee parents, if you don't put your stuff in a trust or other arrangement, the government will take it all in taxes when you die, instead of leaving it for me!")

Michael Dobrov can smooth out what usually is a rough process. He spends time with you helping explain different estate planning possibilities, and the different implications associated with them. He understands what your big picture goals are, and patiently works with you and your family to help set things up to achieve them. He is responsive to your emails and calls, which is always a plus when dealing with attorneys. When all is said and done, you are left with peace of mind and your financial and legal affairs in order. I highly recommend him!


Good Guy, but Above All, Good Lawyer!

When my father passed away this year I, as successor trustee, was faced with several loose ends in organizing and managing his estate. Trouble with the IRS, unfiled income taxes, missing documents; a real mess. Desperate and at sea, I consulted with three different estate planning attorneys. My free consultation with Michael won me over. His deft understanding of California laws, particularly with regard to probate and estate planning, was most impressive. I hired him to help my family with our estate planning. He was an excellent listener and took personal interest in our situation. He performed the work described and rendered other tasks as directed with efficiency and punctuality. Good guy, but above all, good lawyer!

Since then he commonly has gone above and beyond what we would expect from any other attorney. He always answers questions quickly and articulately, and resolves problems in a most thorough, courteous and respectful manner. He is diligent in his efforts to meet all of our needs and is a true professional, communicating pertinent information and interpreting local laws. I continue to recommend him to anyone who needs help in his area of expertise.


Highest Recommendation

Sooner or later most people will need an attorney for some reason or another. Just finding the right attorney can be difficult and stressful. We sure found a great one when we were referred to Michael Dobrov. This guy is a real find- he actually returned our phone calls, listened to us and made suggestions that which were later incorporated in the Estate Plan. He made sure we were taken care of in a timely manner. He was responsive to our needs and concerns, and was quick to take action.

His expertise and experience in estate planning have proven to be invaluable to us and has made a rough path smoother. He always had a one client attitude with us and was always there when needed. What a relief to have found Michael Dobrov for our estate planning needs. We have referred him to friends and give him the highest recommendation.

- ROB R.

Well Qualified and Highly Experienced Attorney

Michael Dobrov did our living trust and was just a joy to work with!

He came to our house to gather our information and meet us. Several days later he returned with his notary public and we finalized all the documents.

His price was very reasonable and his service and demeanor were above par.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a well qualified and highly experienced attorney.